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Catch a waterprint on the seashore sand. Read a poetry of countless lines.

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We touch things with our eyes and fingers. But sometimes − and you never know when and why − we are touched by things. Unexplainably, beautifully, truly. Welcome to Gallery ETMO – Latvian contemporary design inspired by tradition. Made in Latvia – every product at ETMO is born in Latvia, parented by Latvian artists and craftsmen, ready to tell you the story of its creation that begins with two worked hands and centuries of human devotion.



The best place to visit if you're looking for authentic, unique pieces for your home or yourself, such as all seasons scarves, bags or accessories.
Besides, the owner of ETMO has done most of the work for you - the gallery displays only the best selection of Latvian handicrafts in one place.


Ieva Unda Latvia

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