At ETMO, we take pride in preserving and celebrating Latvian weaving
traditions. Each ETMO scarf is a labor of love, entirely hand-made by
skilled Latvian weavers who carry forward generations of craftsmanship.
Our commitment to authenticity goes beyond the scarves themselves; it
extends to the very looms we use—a testament to Latvia's rich heritage.

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    Our scarves are not mass-produced; they are woven one at a time, ensuring every piece is unique. Our Latvian weavers employ time-honored techniques that have been passed down through the years. They pour their expertise, dedication, and artistry into every thread, creating scarves that are truly exceptional.


    Step into the past with us as we weave the future. Our scarves are crafted on authentic wooden looms, painstakingly maintained since the 1930s by Latvian craftsmen. These looms are more than machines; they are a living connection to our heritage and a symbol of our commitment to preserving the art of weaving.


    When you choose an ETMO scarf, you're not just acquiring an accessory; you're becoming part of a narrative that spans generations. Our scarves carry the soul of Latvia, the dedication of our weavers, and the legacy of our traditions. With every wear, you embrace the beauty of hand-crafted artistry.

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