Welcome to ETMO!

We touch things with our eyes and fingers. But sometimes − and you never know when and why − we are touched by things. Unexplainably, beautifully, truly. Welcome to Gallery ETMO – Latvian contemporary design inspired by tradition.

Made in Latvia – every product at ETMO is born in Latvia, parented by Latvian artists and craftsmen, ready to tell you the story of its creation that begins with two worked hands and centuries of human devotion.

Traditional materials and craftworks – from finest linen and woollen home textiles, scarves and other accessories to pottery, porcelain, glass, candles and many more original design products. Natural feel and quality to be enjoyed every day.

Exquisite for you and your modern home – whatever contributes to your sophisticated looks or makes your home a ‘home, sweet home’, with ETMO you can add an extra taste and style to it.