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Traditional craftsmanship

Traditional craftsmanship can survive in the modern world. Around the world mass production is used to manufacture almost every type of product, leaving cultural wisdom and traditional craftsmanship on the verge of extinction. Here at ETMO, we work to create things with more meaning and demonstrate how traditional decorations, weaving, pottery and natural materials can be adapted and integrated into modern life.

“ETMO stands for ethnographic and modern. In reality, it means − reviving the traditional crafting methods of bygone times into modern products.

Traditional craftsmanship

“ETMO fulfills my passion for design, in particular, textiles. It is an opportunity to be myself while at the same time cherishing fellow artists and craftsmen who strive to preserve the cultural heritage of the people who lived before them. They show great devotion towards their craftsmanship in an effort to preserve their heritage.”

Signe Auziņa


etmo story

Our values


All our products are unique. They are hand-made using traditional craftmanship methods, techniques and natural materials. They are designed and made by highly skilled craftsmen and artists.


We are very picky when choosing the raw materials to create our products. Hence, we pay close attention to every detail that goes into creating each product; starting from the quality of the raw materials to the final finishing detail.

Modern & Functional

We aim to create products that you can use in your daily life and that can be easily integrated into a modern lifestyle and interior.


Every shape is a unique little world captured in porcelain or wood fired clay allowing into your home the humble majesty of nature.

Glass work

It is almost possible to believe that what you are holding in your hands is a billion sand grains melted in one piece on a sweltering noon at the seashore.


Just like the nature trusts a spider web to unveil the beauty of a morning, a linen thread trusts itself to a hundred-year-old wooden loom to become you in every light and weather.

About ETMO


Signe created ETMO almost 10 years ago. It started as personal fondness for Latvian traditional ethnographic textile and design. She wanted to create something that would embody these fundamental values, but not in a dusty-sentimental or simply decorative way.


The inspiration of our product design mainly comes from the beauty of nature, its textures and colours. It is amazing how all aspects of nature are harmonious. Our aim is to bring this harmony to our product design.

Craftsmen and artists

ETMO collaborates and work with various craftsmen, artists and designers. These are people who see the value in making things with their hands. They take their time to think about each piece of art and let their passion flow through their fingers. These are people who love to share their mastery to create with others.

ETMO Worldwide

ETMO products are sent to more than 20 countries worldwide. We are delighted to see that our design and concept is appreciated and cherished by people from various cultural backgrounds such as Japanese, American, French, German and many more.


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