Our story

ETMO initially started as my personal liking for Latvian traditional ethnographic textile and design. 
I wanted to create something, that would embody these fundamental values, but not in a dusty-sentimental or simply decorative way.
That’s why ETMO is not just a shop and a product brand name, but also a concept of work conduct. 
ETMO stands for ‘ethnographic and modern’.
In reality it means − reviving the craft methods of bygone times in modern design products.
So, it is more the ethnographic qualities and way of doing things that we care about. 
The modernity that is not just for one day.
And people who see value in making things with their hands and giving thought to every touch, every second spent on creation.  

I’m happy that ETMO is not just me. There are several other Latvian designers, artists and craftsmen who share the ETMO vision.
Although, I guess for each one of us it is something different. But, surely, it is very, very personal.  
For me ETMO is a fulfilment
Of my passion for design and textile in particular. 
Of my feeling doing the right thing, with dignity and respect for people who lived before me and those I live my life along with now.
Of my long cherished dream.
Thank you for sharing it all!
With love, Signe