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Have you found a product on our e-shop that doesn’t quite fit your needs and are wondering if a slight adjustment is possible? We can assure you; it is possible! We can make a chosen produce with slight adjustments or customize it especially for you.

“We respect your individuality and we can tailor our products to make them ultimately yours. We also take custom orders with existing products and even create new products for those who find our quality and style appealing.”

Signe Auziņa


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What can we customize ?


We can customize the colours of nearly all of the products.


We can adjust the size of an existing product or create a tailor-made size for most of our products.


We can customize materials of certain products, for example, scarves by changing the ratio of yarns used in weaving.

Step by Step

Choose the product

Choose the product form our e-shop or gallery and tell us what would you like to change. 

Provide us with details

Provide us with precise details about the adjustments you would like to make – the dimensions, colours, length etc. and we will do our best to meet your needs. Of course, there are some technical limitations, for example, the maximum width or available colours of materials, but we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

Let's shake hands

As soon as we get all the required information, we will come back to you with an offer – price and date when product can be ready. We would also need to agree on such details as delivery and payment terms. 

Enjoy the result

You can choose to pick up your order in our gallery or we will deliver it to you. Enjoy the product created especially for you! 

Contact Us

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