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Let’s explore our potential collaboration?

Do you own or manage an e-shop or gallery? Do you wish to delight your clients with a new range of hand-made products created by amazing ETMO artists and craftsmen? Let’s explore a potential collaboration!

“We are open to new collaborations. Each conversation leads to new opportunities, ideas and advancements. Let us discuss how we can open new opportunities and explore new horizons together.”

Signe Auziņa


Hand made collaboration

Why work with ETMO?


All our products are unique and sustainable. They are hand-made using traditional craftsmanship methods, techniques and natural materials.

Customer oriented

One of our aims is satisfied customers. We are flexible and always happy to reach a win-win situation.

Customization possibilities

We can customize the colors and size of nearly all our products. We can also create brand new products based on your vision and concept.

Where to start?

Let's get in touch

Let us know about your business; how, what and where you would like to sell ETMO products. You can contact us through email or by phone to schedule an online meeting.


Phone: +371 29134999

Let's explore possibilities

The ETMO team can provide you with products designed and created by our artists. We can customize our products (sizes, colours and other details) to fit your and your clients’ needs. Of course, there are some technical limitations, for example, the maximum width or available colours of materials, but we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Let's shake hands

We will be delighted to create a win-win situation. Let us know more about your expectations, sales goals, and your e-shop/ gallery concept ! We will design a proposal with terms and conditions that will allow us to establish a long-lasting partnership. 

Our collaboration partner in Japan

“The expressions created by the beautiful color combinations and patterns, which I have never seen, have a unique presence of ETMO. I admire the good old traditions that are still carefully preserved in Latvia and put into modern items produced by ETMO. I cherish our work together and proud to sell ETMO products in Japan. I hope to continue our business together and  introduce new ETMO products to our fans in Japan, who are increasing every year.”

Maki Abe

Kameli apartment


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